Rick Dior

Recently, I discovered Rick Dior on YouTube. He has many, many great videos. I was particularly interested in his videos of the John S. Pratt drum solos. But, then I started watching his videos which are variations on the “Three Camps” solo. They’re great! I’m ordering his book this week.

The book is called, “Let’s Go Camping: Variations on the Three Camps” by Rick Dior. Here’s his website –¬†http://www.acousticbarn.com/rickspercussionsite/


Well, I’ve started to have pain in my wrists that is causing me to back off from playing. I’ve had to basically cut my practice time down to half.

I’m back to icing my wrists and doing the ice water “dips”. It helps.

I’m hoping this improves because I was just starting to build up some endurance and meet some speed goals.

Hands Update

It’s been a month since I started practicing on a practice pad.

So far so good. I feel like I’m building up some playing strength. I’m trying to change up some things with my grip to play looser and without as much tension, it’s a slow process.
I have not developed any new pain in my hands or wrists. Yay!!!
I still have the tenosynovitis in both wrists, but playing doesn’t seem to make it worse, at least so far.
I take one day off a week. I haven’t even been icing my hands very much.
So far, it’s been a good experience. I am feeling some improvement, but I have a long way to go.